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# Copyright 2019-2022 The ASReview Authors. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import os

import pandas as pd

from asreview.config import LABEL_NA
from asreview.utils import format_to_str

def preview_record(record, w_title=80, w_authors=40, automatic_width=False):
    """Return a single line preview string for record i.

    record: PaperRecord
        The paperRecord to preview.
    w_title: int
        Width to be allocated for the title of the paper.
    w_authors: int
        Width to be allocated for the authors of the paper.
    automatic_width: bool
        If true, compute w_title, w_authors from the console width.

        A string that previews a paper record.
    if automatic_width:
        term_width = os.get_terminal_size().columns
        width_available = term_width - 7
        w_title = round((2 / 3) * width_available)
        w_authors = width_available - w_title
    title_str = ""
    author_str = ""
    heading = record.title
    if heading is None:
        heading = record.abstract
    if heading is not None:
        if len(heading) > w_title:
            title_str = heading[:w_title - 2] + ".."
            title_str = heading

    if record.authors is not None:
        cur_authors = format_to_str(record.authors)
        if len(cur_authors) > w_authors:
            author_str = cur_authors[:w_authors - 2] + ".."
            author_str = cur_authors
    format_str = "{0: <" + str(w_title) + "}   " + "{1: <" + str(w_authors)
    format_str += "}"
    prev_str = format_str.format(title_str, author_str)
    return prev_str

def format_record(record, use_cli_colors=True):
    """Format one record for displaying in the CLI.

    record: PaperRecord
        The paperRecord to format.
    use_cli_colors: bool
        Some terminals support colors, set to True to use them.

        A string including title, abstracts and authors.
    if record.title is not None:
        title = record.title
        if use_cli_colors:
            title = "\033[95m" + title + "\033[0m"
        title += "\n"
        title = ""

    if record.authors is not None and len(record.authors) > 0:
        authors = format_to_str(record.authors) + "\n"
        authors = ""

    if record.abstract is not None and len(record.abstract) > 0:
        abstract = record.abstract
        abstract = "\n" + abstract + "\n"
        abstract = ""

    if record.included == 0:
        label = "IRRELEVANT"
    elif record.included == 1:
        label = "RELEVANT"
        label = ""

    header = f"---{record.record_id}---{label}---"

    return (f"\n{header:-<60}\n{title}{authors}{abstract}")

[docs]class PaperRecord(): """A single record from a paper in a systematic review. Arguments --------- record_id: int Some identifier for this record. title: str Paper title. abstract: str Paper abstract. authors: str, list Authors of the paper. notes: str, list Notes of the paper. keywords: str, list Keywords of the paper. label: int Current label of the paper. No label is indicated by asreview.config.LABEL_NA (== -1). kwargs: dict Any extra keyword arguments will be put in self.extra_fields. """ def __init__(self, record_id, column_spec={}, **kwargs): for attr in [ "title", "abstract", "authors", "notes", "keywords", "doi", "url", "included", ]: if attr in column_spec: col = column_spec[attr] elif attr in kwargs: col = attr else: col = None attr_val = kwargs.pop(col, None) if attr_val is not None and pd.isna(attr_val): attr_val = None setattr(self, attr, attr_val) self.record_id = record_id if self.included is None: self.included = LABEL_NA else: self.included = int(self.included) self.extra_fields = kwargs for attr, val in self.extra_fields.items(): if not isinstance(val, list) and pd.isna(val): self.extra_fields[attr] = None def __str__(self): return format_record(self) @property def text(self): """Create a single string from title + abstract. Returns ------- str: Concatenated string from title + abstract. """ title = self.title abstract = self.abstract if title is None: title = "" if abstract is None: abstract = "" return title + " " + abstract @property def heading(self): """Return the title of the paper.""" if self.title is None: return "" return self.title @property def body(self): """Return the abstract of the paper.""" if self.abstract is None: return "" return self.abstract