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# Copyright 2019 The ASReview Authors. All Rights Reserved.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

import json
import logging
from os.path import splitext
from pathlib import PurePath

import numpy as np

from asreview.balance_strategies.utils import get_balance_model
from asreview.config import AVAILABLE_CLI_MODI, LABEL_NA
from asreview.config import AVAILABLE_REVIEW_CLASSES
from asreview.config import DEFAULT_BALANCE_STRATEGY
from asreview.config import DEFAULT_FEATURE_EXTRACTION
from asreview.config import DEFAULT_MODEL
from asreview.config import DEFAULT_N_INSTANCES
from asreview.config import DEFAULT_N_PRIOR_EXCLUDED
from asreview.config import DEFAULT_N_PRIOR_INCLUDED
from asreview.config import DEFAULT_QUERY_STRATEGY
from asreview.config import KERAS_MODELS
from import ASReviewData
from asreview.datasets import find_data
from asreview.feature_extraction.utils import get_feature_model
from asreview.models.utils import get_model
from asreview.query_strategies.utils import get_query_model
from import MinimalReview
from import ReviewSimulate
from asreview.settings import ASReviewSettings
from asreview.state.utils import open_state
from asreview.utils import get_random_state

def _add_defaults(set_param, default_param):
    set_param.update({key: value for key, value in default_param.items()
                      if key not in set_param})

def create_as_data(dataset, included_dataset=[], excluded_dataset=[],
                   prior_dataset=[], new=False):
    """Create ASReviewData object from multiple datasets."""
    if isinstance(dataset, (str, PurePath)):
        dataset = [dataset]

    if isinstance(included_dataset, (str, PurePath)):
        included_dataset = [included_dataset]

    if isinstance(excluded_dataset, (str, PurePath)):
        excluded_dataset = [excluded_dataset]

    if isinstance(prior_dataset, (str, PurePath)):
        prior_dataset = [prior_dataset]

    as_data = ASReviewData()
    # Find the URL of the datasets if the dataset is an example dataset.
    for data in dataset:

    if new:
        as_data.labels = np.full((len(as_data),), LABEL_NA, dtype=int)
    for data in included_dataset:
            find_data(data), data_type="included"))
    for data in excluded_dataset:
            find_data(data), data_type="excluded"))
    for data in prior_dataset:
            find_data(data), data_type="prior"))
    return as_data

[docs]def get_reviewer(dataset, mode="simulate", model=DEFAULT_MODEL, query_strategy=DEFAULT_QUERY_STRATEGY, balance_strategy=DEFAULT_BALANCE_STRATEGY, feature_extraction=DEFAULT_FEATURE_EXTRACTION, n_instances=DEFAULT_N_INSTANCES, n_papers=None, n_queries=None, embedding_fp=None, verbose=0, prior_idx=None, n_prior_included=DEFAULT_N_PRIOR_INCLUDED, n_prior_excluded=DEFAULT_N_PRIOR_EXCLUDED, config_file=None, state_file=None, model_param=None, query_param=None, balance_param=None, feature_param=None, seed=None, abstract_only=False, included_dataset=[], excluded_dataset=[], prior_dataset=[], new=False, **kwargs ): """Get a review object from arguments. See for a description of the arguments. """ as_data = create_as_data(dataset, included_dataset, excluded_dataset, prior_dataset, new=new) if len(as_data) == 0: raise ValueError("Supply at least one dataset" " with at least one record.") cli_settings = ASReviewSettings( model=model, n_instances=n_instances, n_queries=n_queries, n_papers=n_papers, n_prior_included=n_prior_included, n_prior_excluded=n_prior_excluded, query_strategy=query_strategy, balance_strategy=balance_strategy, feature_extraction=feature_extraction, mode=mode, data_fp=None, abstract_only=abstract_only) cli_settings.from_file(config_file) if state_file is not None: with open_state(state_file) as state: if state.is_empty(): state.settings = cli_settings settings = state.settings else: settings = cli_settings if n_queries is not None: settings.n_queries = n_queries if n_papers is not None: settings.n_papers = n_papers if model_param is not None: settings.model_param = model_param if query_param is not None: settings.query_param = query_param if balance_param is not None: settings.balance_param = balance_param if feature_param is not None: settings.feature_param = feature_param # Check if mode is valid if mode in AVAILABLE_REVIEW_CLASSES:"Start review in '{mode}' mode.") else: raise ValueError(f"Unknown mode '{mode}'.") logging.debug(settings) # Initialize models. random_state = get_random_state(seed) train_model = get_model(settings.model, **settings.model_param, random_state=random_state) query_model = get_query_model(settings.query_strategy, **settings.query_param, random_state=random_state) balance_model = get_balance_model(settings.balance_strategy, **settings.balance_param, random_state=random_state) feature_model = get_feature_model(settings.feature_extraction, **settings.feature_param, random_state=random_state) # LSTM models need embedding matrices. if"lstm-"): texts = as_data.texts train_model.embedding_matrix = feature_model.get_embedding_matrix( texts, embedding_fp) # Initialize the review class. if mode == "simulate": reviewer = ReviewSimulate( as_data, model=train_model, query_model=query_model, balance_model=balance_model, feature_model=feature_model, n_papers=settings.n_papers, n_instances=settings.n_instances, n_queries=settings.n_queries, prior_idx=prior_idx, n_prior_included=settings.n_prior_included, n_prior_excluded=settings.n_prior_excluded, state_file=state_file, **kwargs) elif mode == "minimal": reviewer = MinimalReview( as_data, model=train_model, query_model=query_model, balance_model=balance_model, feature_model=feature_model, n_papers=settings.n_papers, n_instances=settings.n_instances, n_queries=settings.n_queries, state_file=state_file, **kwargs) else: raise ValueError("Error finding mode, should never come here...") return reviewer
def review(*args, mode="simulate", model=DEFAULT_MODEL, save_model_fp=None, **kwargs): """Perform a review from arguments. Compatible with the CLI interface""" if mode not in AVAILABLE_CLI_MODI: raise ValueError(f"Unknown mode '{mode}'.") reviewer = get_reviewer(*args, mode=mode, model=model, **kwargs) # Start the review process. # If we're dealing with a keras model, we can save the last model weights. if save_model_fp is not None and model in KERAS_MODELS: save_model_h5_fp = splitext(save_model_fp)[0]+".h5" json_model = model.model.to_json() with open(save_model_fp, "w") as f: json.dump(json_model, f, indent=2) model.model.save_weights(save_model_h5_fp, overwrite=True) def review_simulate(dataset, *args, **kwargs): """CLI simulate mode.""" review(dataset, *args, mode='simulate', **kwargs)