ASReview has support for extensions, which enable you to seemlessly integrate your own programs with the ASReview framework.

As an example we have created the asreview-visualization extension to make basic plots with ASReview state files as a source.

After installation, a new mode is available and we are able to plot a directory with state files as:

asreview plot DIR_WITH_STATE_FILES

Available extensions

  • asreview-visualization: Plotting functionality for state files produced by ASReview.
  • asreview-statistics: Tool to give some basic properties of a dataset, such as number of papers, number of inclusions.
  • asreview-simulate: Run batches of simulations.
  • asreview-hyperopt: Optimize the hyperparameters of the models in ASReview.

If an extention is not on this list, or you make one and want it added to this list, make an issue on github or send us an email.

How to make an extension

We have created a guide to create your own extensions.