The open source ASReview LAB software is one of the products of the ASReview research project. The ASReview research project is a fundamental and applied research project studying the application of AI in the field of systematic reviews. The research is conducted by the research team, partners, and contributors. ASReview LAB is stable and validated by the scientific community (Van de Schoot et al., 2020). In short, ASReview LAB is written by researchers for researchers.

The team defined and implements the five fundamental principles of ASReview:

  1. Humans are the oracle;
  2. Code is open & results are transparent;
  3. Decisions are unbiased;
  4. The interface shows an AI is at work;
  5. Users are responsible for importing high quality data.


For scientific use, we encourage you to cite both the software and research project.

  • The paper published in Nature Machine Intelligence can be used to cite the ASReview project.
  • For citing the software ASReview LAB, refer to the specific release of the software. The menu on the right (in Zenodo) can be used to find the citation format of prevalence.
  • For citing the documentation (or to download the pdf) go to Zenodo.
  • More studies related to the project can be found on the