Only for Oracle and Exploration projects. Read more about Project modes.


As soon as your project is initiated, you can start reviewing. Click on Review in the left menu if your project is not on the review page yet. ASReview LAB presents you a title and abstract to screen and label.

You are asked to make a decision: relevant or irrelevant?

ASReview Screening

Click on the decision of choice. A new record is presented to you. While you review the records, ASReview LAB continuously improves its understanding of your decisions, constantly updating the underlying ordering of the records.

As you keep reviewing documents and providing labels, you will probably see fewer relevant records. When to stop screening is left to you. See Progress and results for more information on progress monitoring and information on when to stop.


If you are in doubt about your decision, take your time as you are the oracle. Based on your input, a new model will be trained in the background.

Screening in Exploration mode

In Exploration mode, a blue bar is displayed on top of the record. The blue bar indicates whether the record is relevant or irrelevant.

ASReview Screening


Your decisions are saved automatically into your ASReview project file. There is no need to press any buttons to save your work anywhere in ASReview LAB.

Change decisions

In some cases, you might want to change your previous decision. The screening interface of ASReview LAB offers two options to change your decision.

Undo last decision

You can return to your previous decision during screening. You can disable this option in the Settings menu.

  1. Start ASReview LAB.
  2. Open or Create a project.
  3. Label the record displayed in the screen as relevant or irrelevant.
  4. Click on Undo (At the bottom right)
  5. Click on Keep (ir)relevant or Convert to (ir)relevant
  6. Continue screening.

Screening history

An overview of your decisions made during screening can be found on the History page. You can change decisions on this page.

  1. Start ASReview LAB.
  2. Open or Create a project.
  3. Click on History in the menu on the left.
Show project history

Changing decisions on the history page

  1. To change a label of a record, click the heart icon. The next iteration of the model will take the new label into account.

Full Text

If a column with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) or URLs is available in the metadata of your dataset, ASReview LAB will display the DOI and URL during screening. Most of the time, DOIs point to the full-text of a publication. See datasets for more information on including DOI and URL values to your datasets.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Keyboard shortcuts

ASReview LAB supports the use of keyboard shortcuts during screening. The table below lists the available keyboard shortcuts.


Keyboard shortcuts are only available when the Undo feature has been enabled in the Settings (bottom left).

You can press a key (or a combination of keys) to label a record as relevant or irrelevant, or to return to the previous decision during screening. By default, keyboard shortcuts are disabled.

Action Shortcut
Label record as relevant r or Shift + r
Label record as irrelevant i or Shift + i
Return to previous decision u or Shift + u


Dark mode

ASReview LAB offers the option to customize the screening appearance and functionality.

  1. Start ASReview LAB.
  2. Click on Settings (bottom left).
  3. Go to Display and toggle the dark mode


Your preference is saved in the browser.

Font size

You can make the text on the review screen smaller or larger.

  1. Start ASReview LAB.
  2. Click on Settings (bottom left).
  3. Go to Display and click on Font size.
  4. Slide the slider to the desired font size.