ASReview LAB is advanced machine learning software. In some situations, you might run into unexpected behavior. See below for solutions to problems.

Unknown Command “pip”

The command line returns one of the following messages:

-bash: pip: No such file or directory
'pip' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

First, check if Python is installed by using the following command:

python --version

If this doesn’t return a version number, then Python is either not installed or not correctly installed

Most likely, the environment variables aren’t configured correctly. Follow the step-by-step installation instruction on the ASReview website (Windows and MacOS).

However, there is a simple way to deal with correct environment variables by adding python -m in front of the command. For example:

python -m pip install asreview

Unknown command “asreview”

In some situations, the entry point “asreview” can not be found after installation. First check whether the package is correctly installed. Do this with the command python -m asreview -h. If this shows a decryption of the program, use python -m in front of all your commands. For example:

python -m asreview lab

Build dependencies error

The command line returns the following message:

"Installing build dependencies ... error"

This error typically happens when the version of your Python installation has been released very recently. Because of this, the dependencies of ASReview are not compatible with your Python installation yet. It is advised to install the second most recent version of Python instead. Detailed step-by-step instructions to install Python (and ASReview) are available for Windows and MacOS users.

Remove temporary files

In case ASReview runs into unexpected errors or doesn’t work as expected, it is advised to try to remove temporary files from the project first. These files can be found in the .asreview/ folder in your home directory. However, the easiest way to remove these files is with:

asreview lab --clean-all-projects

This will safely remove temporary files, nothing will harm your review. To clean a specific project, use

asreview lab --clean-project my-project

in which my_project is your project name.