The user interface in which you provide labels for records shown to you by the software is kept as simple as possible. This is because ASReview wants you to focus on the content of the text so that you can make your decision as a true Oracle. You can access the following features during screening.


Your work is saved automatically. There is no need to press any buttons to save your work anywhere in ASReview LAB.

Auto Save

Label options

Below the text, ASReview provides two labeling options: Relevant or Irrelevant.

To make a decision:

  1. Open ASReview LAB.

  2. Open a project.

  3. Click on either the Relevant or Irrelevant button.

  4. The next record is presented. Repeat the process of labeling.

ASReview Screening


If you are in doubt, take your time to think on the decision, you are the oracle. Based on your input, a new model will be trained in the background. If you make decisions faster than the model needs for computing new relevance scores, you will simply be presented with the record next in line (etcetera) until the model is done training.

Undo Last Decision

In some cases, you might want to change your previous decision. The screening interface of ASReview LAB can be used to return to the previous decision.

  1. Open ASReview LAB.

  2. Open or create a project.

  3. Label the record displayed in the screen as relevant or irrelevant.

  4. Click on Undo (See picture below).

Undo previous decision
  1. Click on Keep (ir)relevant or Convert to (ir)relevant

  2. Continue labeling.

Review History

An overview of your decisions made during screening can be found in the Review History dialog.

Open history

  1. Open ASReview LAB.

  2. Open or create a project.

  3. Start/continue screening.

  4. Click on Review History in the menu bar on top. A dialog will open with the labeled records.

  5. With the drop-down list, you can select records to display (all, relevant only, or irrelevant only).

  6. By clicking on a title, the full information opens.

Undo previous decision

Changing decisions

  1. To change a label of a record, click convert to …. The next iteration of the model will take the new label into account.

  2. To go back to the overview, click .

  3. To close the Review History, click Close.

Undo previous decision

Statistics Panel

For unlabeled data, ASReview LAB offers some insightful graphs to keep track of your screening process so far. To open the statistics panel:

  1. Open ASReview LAB.

  2. Open a project.

  3. Start screening.

  4. Click the statistics icon in the upper-right corner.

  5. To close the panel click on the ‘>’ icon.

In the top of the statistics panel the project name, authors and total number of records in the dataset are displayed.

The pie chart presents an overview of how many relevant (green) and irrelevant (orange) records have been screened so far. Also, the total number of records screened is displayed, as well as the percentage screened relative to the total number of records in the dataset.

The second plot is a progress plot. On the x-axis the number of records screened is tracked. The y-axis shows a moving average. It displays the ratio between relevant and irrelevant records for a batch of 10 labeled records. If you hoover over the plot you can see the moving average for any batch of 10 labeled records.

Underneath the progress plot, the number of irrelevant records after the last relevant is shown. This statistic might help in deciding when to stop reviewing.


If a column with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) is available in the metadata of your dataset, ASReview Lab will display the DOI with hyperlink during screening. Most of the time, DOIs point to the full-text of a publication. See datasets for more information on including DOI values to your datasets. To access the full text:

  1. Open ASReview LAB.

  2. Open a project

  3. Start screening.

  4. As soon as a record contains a DOI number, it will be presented below the title.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Download Results

A file containing all metadata including your decisions can be downloaded any time during the screening process. To download your results:

  1. Open ASReview LAB.

  2. Open a project.

  3. Start screening.

  4. Click the download icon in the upper-right corner.

  5. You will be asked whether you want to save an Excel or a CSV file.

  6. You will be asked where to save the file.

ASReview download results

Hamburger menu

Via the hamburger menu in the left-upper corner you can:

  1. Navigate back to the overview page containing all your projects (or to start a new project).

  2. You can access the Project Dashboard.

  3. Navigate to the documention via the HELP button.

  4. Provide feedback or contribute to the code.

  5. Donate to the ASReview project via the ASReview crowdfunding platform.

  6. Quit the software (your progress is saved automatically).

Keyboard shortcuts

ASReview LAB supports the use of keyboard shortcuts during screening. The table below lists the available keyboard shortcuts.



Label record as relevant

r or Shift + r

Label record as irrelevant

i or Shift + i

Return to previous decision

u or Shift + u