ASReview LAB is user-friendly software for exploring the future of AI in systematic reviews. The software implements an Oracle Mode, an Exploration Mode, and a Simulation Mode. The oracle mode provides a screening interface that can be used to perform an AI-aided systematic review with the interaction of the reviewer (the oracle). The simulation mode can be used to simulate the performance of ASReview on existing systematic reviews. The exploration mode can be used for exploring a fully labeled dataset in combination with the user-friendly screening interface of the oracle mode. This mode is excellent for teaching purposes.

The source code of ASReview is available open source under an Apache-2.0 license on GitHub. Compiled and packaged versions of the software are available on the Python Package Index or Docker Hub.

If you encounter any issues during the process, first consult the Frequently Asked Questions or the Troubleshooting in the installation manual. If you cannot find your problem, file an issue via Github.

ASReview LAB overview