Install ASReview

ASReview software requires an installation of Python 3.8 or later. Detailed step-by-step instructions to install Python (and ASReview) are available for Windows and macOS/Linux users.

Install the ASReview software with Pip by running the following command in the CMD.exe (Windows) or Terminal (MacOS/Linux):

pip install asreview

Start the application with the following command (in CMD.exe or Terminal):

asreview lab

The ASReview LAB software starts in the browser. For more options on starting ASReview LAB, see Start ASReview LAB.


See Troubleshooting for common problems during installation.


For users with Apple M1 computers, if you experience problems, follow the instructions.

Upgrade ASReview

Upgrade ASReview software with

pip install --upgrade asreview

Uninstall ASReview

Remove ASReview with

pip uninstall asreview

Enter y to confirm.


Note that your project files will not delete with this action. You find them in the .asreview folder in your home folder.

Server Installation

It is possible to run the ASReview software on a server or custom domain. Use the flags ip and port for configuration. ASReview should only be used in closed networks.

asreview lab --port 5555 --ip xxx.x.x.xx


Don’t use the development server in production. Read the Flask documentation about deploying a Flask app to production.

Install with Docker

ASReview is also available as a Docker container. Make sure you have Docker installed on your machine.

To install and start ASReview LAB at http://localhost:5000, run the following:

docker run -p 5000:5000 lab

More advanced command line options can be given afterward, like this:

docker run -p 9000:9000 lab --port 9000


ASReview LAB is now installed. Open the URL in your host web browser: http://localhost:5000 and get started.

Mount local volume

To mount the container to your local project folder (or any other local folder), the -v flag can be used. To do so, adjust path-to-your-folder to your local folder. When a project folder is specified, ASReview LAB will store and load all its projects from this folder. Note that multiple containers can access the same folder.

docker run -p 5000:5000 -v path-to-your-folder:/project_folder lab

Named container

To make the usage easier, you can create a named container like the following:

docker create --name asreview-lab -p 5000:5000 -v path-to-your-folder:/project_folder lab

To start asreview, enter:

docker start asreview

To stop it, just use stop instead of start. You can also check which images are running with docker ps.

Customize the image

If you want to add more extensions, or build the Docker image yourself, check the file Dockerfile <>. Modify it as you see fit, and then build and run the image with:

docker build -t asreview/asreview:custom .
docker run -p 5000:5000 lab