, keywords, threshold=60, max_return=10, exclude=None, by_index=True)[source]

Find a record using keywords.

It looks for keywords in the title/authors/keywords (for as much is available). Using the diflib package it creates a ranking based on token set matching.

  • as_data ( – ASReview data object to search

  • keywords (str) – A string of keywords together, can be a combination.

  • threshold (float) – Don’t return records below this threshold.

  • max_return (int) – Maximum number of records to return.

  • exclude (list, numpy.ndarray) – List of indices that should be excluded in the search. You would put papers that were already labeled here for example.

  • by_index (bool) – If True, use internal indexing. If False, use record ids for indexing.


list – Sorted list of indexes that match best the keywords.