Command Line

ASReview provides a powerful command line interface for running tasks Start ASReview LAB and Simulation via command line. Also Extensions often make use of the command line interface by extending it with subcommands.

The structure of the command line is given by:

asreview [-h] [-V] [subcommand]

A list of available and installed subcommands is given by asreview -h. Each subcommand is listed with its subcommand, the package it comes from and the version of the package. For example, the default subcommand lab (to start ASReview LAB) is given by listed as lab [asreview-1.0]. An subcommand installed via an extension, e.g. plot, is listed as plot [asreview-insights-1.1] where asreview-insights is the name of the extension that installed this subcommand and 1.1 is the version of this package.