ASReview: Software for Active Systematic Reviews

Active Systematic Review (ASReview) is software designed to accelerate the process of systematic reviews. It is written in python, and uses deep learning to predict which papers should be most likely included in the review. Our software is designed to accelerate the step of screening abstracts and titles with a minimum of papers to be read by a human with no or very few false negatives.

ASReview implements an oracle and a simulation mode.

  • Oracle The oracle modus is used to perform a systematic review with interaction by the reviewer (the ‘oracle’ in literature on active learning). The software presents papers to the reviewer, whereafter the reviewer classifies them as relevant or not.
  • Simulation The simulation modus is used to measure the performance of our software on existing systematic reviews. The software shows how many papers you could have potentially skipped during the systematic review.

The source code is freely available at GitHub.

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A research paper is upcoming for this project. In the mean time, it can be cited with (fill in x and y for the version number):

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