The following products are available:

ASReview LAB

ASReview LAB is an open-source and free-to-use software product resulting from an academic collaboration. It enables AI-aided systematic screening of textual data, such as in systematic reviews or meta-analyses. It runs in a web-browser and is flexible in using many different feature extractors and classifiers. For more information about the underlying infrastructure, refer to the Nature Machine Intelligence publication.

ASReview LAB Server

ASReview LAB Server expands upon the capabilities of ASReview LAB by offering additional features like authentication and collaborative model refinement. It is a self-hosted solution that ensures privacy and is suited for teams requiring secure access and collaboration.


ASReview also provides access to a synergistic collection of datasets, which can be utilized for various research purposes. Explore the Synergy dataset at our GitHub datasets repository.


ASReview supports for extending the software with new models, subcommands, and datasets. They can extend the functionality of ASReview LAB, and the Command Line Interface. There are officially supported extensions and community maintained extensions.

Looking to develop your own extension? See Extensions for detailed instructions.


Most extensions are installable from PyPI (the same way ASReview LAB is installed) or GitHub. It is preferred to follow the installation instructions provided by the extension.

The following example shows the installation of ASReview Insights, an extension for plotting and computing metrics for simulations in ASReview.

pip install asreview-insights

Extension (only) published on Github can be installed directly from the repository. Replace {USER_NAME} and {REPO_NAME} by the corresponding values of the extension.

pip install{USER_NAME}/{REPO_NAME}.git

Supported Extensions

The following extensions are officially supported and maintained by the maintainers of ASReview LAB. They are extensively tested and integrate well with ASReview LAB.

  • ASReview Datatools
    • ASReview-datatools: Tool for describing, cleaning (input) data, and converting file formats via the command line.

  • ASReview Insights
    • ASReview-insights: Advanced insights to ASReview simulations like performance plots and metrics.

  • ASReview Wordcloud
  • ASReview Makita
    • ASReview-makita: ASReviews’ Makita (MAKe IT Automatic) is a workflow generator for simulation studies using the command line interface of ASReview LAB. Makita can be used to simplify your own research by enabling you to effortlessly generate the framework and code for your simulation study.

Community maintained extensions

The List of extensions for ASReview LAB on the Discussion platform gives an overview of known extensions to ASReview LAB and other useful tools in the AI-aided systematic review pipeline.