Start ASReview LAB

After you install ASReview LAB, start the program via the command line to start using it.

asreview lab

When you are using Windows, open CMD.exe and run the command. When you use MacOS or Linux, you can open Terminal and run the command.

The information in the sections below is more advanced and not needed for the majority of the ASReview LAB users.

Command line arguments for starting ASReview LAB

ASReview LAB provides a powerful command line interface for running ASReview LAB with other options or even run tasks like simulations. For a list of available commands in ASReview LAB, type asreview lab --help.

asreview lab launches the ASReview LAB software (the frontend).

asreview lab [options]
-h, --help

Show help message and exit.

--ip IP

The IP address the server will listen on.

--port PORT

The port the server will listen on.

--port-retries NUMBER_RETRIES

The number of additional ports to try if the specified port is not available.

--enable-auth ENABLE_AUTH

Enable authentication.

--secret-key SECRET_KEY

Secret key for authentication.

--salt SALT

When using authentication, a salt code is needed for hasing passwords.

--flask-configfile FLASK_CONFIGFILE

Full path to a JSON file containing Flask parameters for authentication.

--no-browser NO_BROWSER

Do not open ASReview LAB in a browser after startup.


The full path to an SSL/TLS certificate file.


The full path to a private key file for usage with SSL/TLS.

--embedding EMBEDDING_FP

File path of embedding matrix. Required for LSTM models.

--clean-project CLEAN_PROJECT

Safe cleanup of temporary files in project.

--clean-all-projects CLEAN_ALL_PROJECTS

Safe cleanup of temporary files in all projects.

--seed SEED

Seed for the model (classifiers, balance strategies, feature extraction techniques, and query strategies). Use an integer between 0 and 2^32 - 1.

Set environment variables

The following environment variables are available.


The path to the folder with project. Default ~/.asreview.

How you set environment variables depends on the operating system and the environment in which you deploy ASReview LAB.

In MacOS or Linux operating systems, you can set environment variables from the command line. For example:

export ASREVIEW_PATH=~/.asreview

On Windows, you can use the following syntax:

set ASREVIEW_PATH=~/.asreview

To check if you set an environment variable successfully, run the following on *nix operating systems:


Or the following on Windows operating systems:


Run ASReview LAB on localhost with a different port

By default, ASReview LAB runs on port 5000. If that port is already in use or if you want to specify a different port, start ASReview LAB with the following command:

asreview lab --port <port>

For example, start ASReview LAB on port 5001:

asreview lab --port 5001